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Introducing DYNAMO ATHLETIC GRAPHICS, your custom artwork and logo service. We will gladly create a new logo for your school, club, league or team, or modify your existing artwork, using our Macintosh Graphical Workstation. Let us personalize your team uniform with a bold new logo! Dynamo Athletic Graphics offers a wide variety of clip art figures, borders, tails, emblems and mascots plus a large selection of popular stylish fonts. Please inquire about our full range of services.

The following is a partial list of fonts. An additional font list is a available upon request along with clip art specific to your design needs.

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sandom.jpg - 11.92 K
bodini.jpg - 4.90 K
brush.jpg - 4.90 K
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Custom logo samples; others available upon request

Your choice of mascots.

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goudy.jpg - 4.90 K
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lithos.jpg - 4.90 K
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* Also available in outline or inline.
^ Also available condensed or expanded
   or in other weights.
o For the best clarity of reading use
    as upper and lower case or as initial caps.
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